The alpine crisp. A sky that lingers longer, wisping threads of air into itself. Clouds like knitted waves dissolve. The sun glistens, peeping shards of longing sight down to the ground. Forming myriads of colour upon the grass. Love is the between. Air. Free. life. The floating nothing that suspends. Clarity is piercing, blissful to the point of hurt. Life is painted before me in vivid truths, and yet I see it like a portrait in the national gallery. Distant, and beautiful. Admirable. Detached, from the reality of being and the essentiality of life within my veins. The sun hits my back. A single circle of warmth. The canvas drifts forward. The frame alludes illusion. Dripping ornate gold from its melting torso. Upon the cusp of an objective vision. The inbetween reduces. The clouds continue to hover in their absent totality. The grass stares up at me as a shaggy mountain dog rushes past. There is no-one. Rocks are my friends, and the unveiling canvas my soul. Reflecting light and life, love and sorrow. It is this moment. I am this moment. I have become it and yet it eludes me. Time is no longer, just as it never was. Nothing has changed. Only everything. I see the distant with murky clarity, that brings it forth into a depthless reality. Dimension has lost its meaning. And meaning lost all substance. I am substantially lost, essentially not. Stranded in the barren oasis of Mother Nature, starved from all the banality of life and its empty distorting nutrition. Less is more. And more no longer. This is all. And I am. The am I always was. That drifted into the distant winds of commerce, trapped by synthetic fibres and scrunched up pornos. But in the open sky with its commanding sun, I feel the raw sexuality of being. The sordid brush of objective intimacy dissolves in the canvas of godly plight. This Is the piety of loving. And I am pious. I am one. And as the sun beats upon my back, I am the mountain sky, that lingers on, that lingers long, into the eternity of an chickadees bosom.


Reminiscence of the Present
Spiritual Encounters of the Analytically Insane

Published in 2011, Reminiscence of the Present is Ilyas's first book. It is a collection of poetry, diary extracts, short stories, and mildly psychotic musings. The book deals with ideas of space, time, identity, and how boundaries form, morph and break. Steeped in mysticism and spiritual longing it is a stream of consciousness that looks to the heavens and prays for confusion.


Reminiscence of the Present is available here

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When They Started To Love You As A Machine You Should Run is anthology published by New River Press, of their favourite poets of 2019. Ilyas's poem, Bullshit is featured, which is absurdist philosophical inquiry into the idea of Bullshit, set in a salon in Munich. This is published alongside many radical poets from across the world.

When They Start To Love You As A Machine You Should Run is available here

Project Epicurus by Space Zine
A weekly zine by Design Kompany

This issue of space zine is a collaborative multi media project between Ilyas and Dipika Kholi. Initiated over a video call, this stream of consciousness writing project slowly morphed into a series of paintings, graphic designs and one long poem called Ionic Jazz. The idea was to apply the concept of Jazz to a literary and visual form. 

Project Epicurus is available here

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Dawn On Saturn 
Rivista Magazine

Rivista Magazine, is a Bilingual (English and Italian) literary magazine founded and curated in Italy by Cristina Patregnani. This issue features Ilyas's poem Salon Blues, which is a relentless inquisition into the paradoxical absurdity of everday life, weaving dialogue, scenic description, and internal monologues into each other.

Dawn On Saturn is available here

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Sanctuary and Daily Rhythms
RnR Creative - Resonate Series

This is a somewhat abstract interview with RnR creative. Weaving poetry, image and general absurdity, this piece looks into Ilyas's creative practice and daily routine. 

Sanctuary and Daily Rhythms can be found here

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A Clock That Bends
wordscapes of withered time

Split into 3 detachable sections, this is a 6 metre long collection of poetry. Printed on linen paper and stitched together by hand, it folds up as a book and can be hung from any wall. The piece is an exploration of time; its infiniteness, its finiteness, it omnipresence and its ungraspableness. 

This was a limited edition collection of only 50 copies, and is now sold out. 



Tuesday is one part of a series by AIPRFK. AIPRFK is a stream of consciousness collaboration between Ilyas and Andrew Fernandes, that spun out of a series of whattsap conversations. This series chronicles a friendship that reveals itself as love letters to mother nature.

Tuesday is Available here​

More In this series will be available in due course

All           You are


You         Are







Starfish                                                      Playing kickball on Ocean floor



What meaning is there in joy?

     You always ask the only question

           The one that never pretends to have an answer


You always tickle the bones

That hang in empty forests                            

So the horny spirits                            

  Can watch over




With lascivious

eco – envy


-   Courtesy of RnRCreative