Karl Marx Does The Washing Up

Shy Teli and Ilyas Kassam navigate the complex world of truth, romance, hell and housework. With a penchant for nonsense as well as philosophy their realisations are as comic as they are profound. Sometimes insightful, sometimes funny, always absurd, these two oddballs journey towards the abyss of ridiculousness, hoping to stumble upon enlightenment without exerting the slightest effort to do so. If you are looking for an existential comedy to heal you from the banality of existence and the pains of washing up, this may well be the sonic lexiprone you are looking for

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In episode 18 on memory. Shy and Ilyas recount a story that they both believe happened to them. In reality it only happened to one of them. But to whom? below are our accounts of Butterfly Man. let us know which you believe to be true. karlmarxdoesthewashingup@gmail.com

Episode 18: Memory