Ilyas Kassam is a London based artist and poet. His work centres around the notion of infinity and the relationship between seemingly opposing dualities.


Through the use of abstract shapes and beings, he explores the relation between matter and space, human and nature, self and environment. The use of dense intricate shapes are designed to texturise space in a manner that redefines our perceptions of boundaries, giving body to absence, in a way that reflects certain

quantum realities.


He considers space not to be the negation of matter, but rather the energetic vivacity that gives matter its life. His paintings try to examine this idea on a physical level as well as a cognitive and spiritual one.


The process behind his work aims to mimic this symbiosis of opposites. He states that, all the work emanates from a meticulously throughout philosophy but is expressed completely thoughtlessly so as to create a juxtaposition that allows an access to the poetic - the point between the visceral and the cognitive. Whereby philosophy acts as the soil and art as the flower.

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